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RocknStroll Mobile Kit

RocknStroll Mobile Kit

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RocknStroll, the Hands-Free Stroller Rocker.
Smoothly rocks any Stroller or Pram (for any specific inquiries, please contact us via our contact form). Comes with rechargeable portable battery with 60+ hours of power.
  • RocknStroll Mobile has a portable design that can easily attach to most strollers or prams, gently rocking your baby.
  • Portable battery + cable (to connect to the motor) is included.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • Electrical safety tested to EU/USA and international standards.
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Let your stroller do the rocking!

Designed by an engineer parent

Thanks to a piston-like motor, RocknStroll pushes the stroller or pram back and forth

Portable battery included - up to 60+ hours of power

Perfect to keep around the house or to use wherever you want

Quiet motor that won't wake your baby or anyone around it

Safety feature that stops the device in case the wheel hits something, avoiding harming other children or your pets

Additional Information

Mobile Kit

Dimensions H 6.1in (155mm) x W 3.4in (86mm) x D 3.7in (95mm)

Batteries Portable rechargeable lithium-ion battery 

In the box 1x motor, 1x clamp, 1x portable battery, 1x power cable, 1x battery charger, 1x user instructions

Safety Exclusively designed for prams and strollers

Not suitable for cots, cribs, or car seats

Keep it out of the child's reach

Prior to attaching and using RocknStroll, ensure the stroller or pram is on a flat surface and within reach

In case the wheel hits something, RocknStroll will stop, avoiding harming other children or your pets